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Banking Made Easy; Who’d Have Thunk?

I have had a business banking issue lately (defined well in this article at MSN Business on Main, especially the paragraph, “During those first few meetings …”.)  But rather than gripe about what was not right, I would like to tell you more about how I made it better.  Through a friend and business acquaintance, today I was introduced to Theresa E. Dawson, a Small Business Specialist Personal Banker at a local Chase Bank branch here in Arizona.

My husband and I sat down with Theresa planning to get some general information about their small business banking programs.  A short while later we left with a new business account complete with all the supporting detail items we need now and plans for programs that will grow with us in the future.  We are not pushovers; Theresa had that many answers.  For every question we asked, Theresa had a Chase bank solution.  For every issue we faced at our current (soon to be former) bank, Theresa sympathized and explained how Chase’s programs would be different.

In the process we discussed bookkeeping software, business networking, mortgage programs, customer service standards, grandchildren, and our mutual acquaintance (in the nicest possible terms).  Time will tell whether the new Chase programs are all that we hope them to be.  But without a doubt, Theresa was extraordinary.  Lovely, personable, knowledgeable, confident, and ultimately believeable.