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Cats Playing Patty Cake with Voice Over

So many great cat links keep coming in, and I’m a sucker for cute cats!  Even though I promised to cut back, this one had to be shared.

Apparently this video of the cats’ paw patting game is a couple of years old.  But it recently received a facelift with voice over and this explanation:  “Pretty much what it would sound like if Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen played patty-cake or ‘Wing Chun Sticky’ or whatever … and were cats.”

Even if you don’t love cute cats, this is worth your few minutes to watch just for the dialog.

YouTube video found via Technolog


This Cat is Famous and Extraordinary

Maru and the Thin BoxI was passed this link to No Box Too Small for Fat Cat (via Technolog – a fav!), that chronicles a cat named Maru.  Apparently Maru has never found a box that is too small to attempt to climb in and she’s a YouTube starlet.  If you’re a cat antics lover, this is right up your alley.  Keep watching until you reach the “Thin Box” segment pictured here – it’s worth it.

The Technolog article attempts to explain why cats must wedge themselves into tight spaces, but I don’t know that they really have a conclusion.  Except that it’s funny.

Clever Geeky Halloween Video Treat

If you’re geeky like me, then this YouTube video is a great way to spend 2:44.  Professor Matt Weathers of Biola University created a clever presentation for his students as a Halloween trick this year.

Find it here:  Halloween 2010:  Math Teacher has trouble playing a video in class

Found via Holy Kaw!  ‘natch.

Incredible Stereo Illusion

Stereo IllusionThis one combines my love of goofy YouTube videos with my love of optical illusions.  Check out the Incredible Stereo Illusion.

Found via

Glee and Great Advertising

Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester in GleeI was excited to watch the Glee season 2 premier last night.  But I was delighted when one of my biggest laughs was a commercial for the Members Project from American Express.  Jane Lynch in perfect Sue Sylvester character.  I love this actress and I loved the commercial.

You can see it on YouTube, Jane Lynch “Don’t be a Sue

Optical Illusions

ARTICLEMashable has kindly sifted through a bunch of YouTube videos for us, and has returned a list of the 5 optical illusions that provided the biggest “Whoa” moment.  A fun way to spend a few minutes.

Have you seen the spinning ballerina optical illusion?  Seems she’s everywhere lately.  I honestly didn’t believe that she spun in both directions until one day … there she was going the other way.  Turns out that once you learn the secret, you can pretty much make her change direction at will.  And no, it’s not an indication of your right or left brain-ed-ness.  Just an extraordinary illusion.

Trisha Yearwood Video circa 2000

One of my favorite things about YouTube is finding stuff that I forgot I liked.  I happened across Trish Yearwood’s Real Live Woman video, and remembered that it was extraordinary.

The video is filmed in and on a sleazy-looking – ahem – entertainment establishment on the outskirts of a town.  When the men go inside and put their money into the machines, the curtains go up to reveal women doing all sorts of real things, like working and taking care of children.  The contrasting imagery is really something, and it’s worth your time to see it again.

(Trisha Yearwood, Real Live Woman, 2001 Grammy nominated for album and vocal performance)