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DSW Shoes

I had to do about a million things today, as most of us do.  But there was a short, glorious time in between a client visit and a professional appointment where – way across town – I dropped by DSW.  If you know the chain, then those three little letters have already made you smile.  This is one of those shoe-nirvana warehouse stores where you can browse for hours and no one bothers you.  You could methodically try on every style of shoe in the place, if you had enough time, and not one sales person would sniff or roll their eyes.

Not that I don’t enjoy the attention of good sales people at the department stores.  I do.  But there is just something about the DSW experience that feels sumptuous yet remains calm and reasonably priced.  Quality merchandise and plenty of it.  A mind boggling amount of style choices.  There are probably literally miles of shoes.  The displays are at the perfect height – not too high and not too low.  The aisles are not crowded.  There are mirrors, benches and helpful in-store tote bags at regular intervals.  DSW is that sweet spot in the middle of the shoe sales spectrum – not too lavish and yet not too bargain basement.  Great service, generous membership rewards, online shopping made easy (you can return any online purchase at the nearest store and still be treated decently!). 

In an ordinary life like mine, I have learned to appreciate certain types of experiences which, I think, makes them extraordinary.  DSW is extraordinary.