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To Look Better in Photos, Do This

Angelina Jolie and Brad PittAt last an explanation for a certain celebutante’s robotic pose in thousands of photos (NOT pictured here).  It turns out that there really is a preferred angle for successful photos. gives us this:  To Look Better in Photos, Tilt Your Head, Study Suggests.  Naturally, their article is accompanied by this photo of the beautiful Angelina Jolie who does the tilt almost imperceptibly.  A great example of how it should be done.


Who Knew Cupcakes Could Be Manly?

David Arrick lost his job as a lawyer on Wall Street, and decided to change careers. That’s not really new. But the fact that he created Butch Bakery that offers, “Manly cupcakes for manly men,” is extraordinary. Beer Run, Sidecar, Driller, B-52. Forget fluff, these treats are manly, and a real fist-sized portion. Take a moment and check them out.

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Boycotts as a Form of Non-Violent Protest

I steadfastly refuse to use this space for politically charged opinion, since there is nothing at all extraordinary about that.  But since I live in Arizona, I probably have to comment on the large brouhaha currently boiling over the new immigration law.  Many of the people that I know have asked about it.

So here is what I DO find extraordinary:  those with the opposing viewpoint have found a hard hitting method of communication.  Money.  An effective boycott is an excellent way to get someone’s attention.  This article from MSNBC describes the details.

Power to the people – to vote with their dollars.