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Trump or Ghandi?

Never one to get tired of quizzes, I found a fun one.  Try to guess who gave the quote – Donald Trump or Mahatma Ghandi.  I scored a dismal 4 out of 10.  Bummer.

[via Holy Kaw!]


Knowing Harry Potter Details

Titled The Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz, has put together a trivia challenge with 20 questions.

Here’s how big of a Harry Potter nerd I am:  I got all the questions right except the sales figures, which I actually over-estimated.  That’s extraordinary.

Great Photos, Good Fun

While on the site, I discovered a featured slideshow called Image of the Day. As you would expect; a new photo every day with a few lines of encyclopedic information. Great photo collections never get old, and this one is extraordinary in its wide diversity and attention to detail.

For Those That Love Quotes

“To be willing to die for an idea is to set a rather high price on conjecture.”
Anatole France [French Poet and Nobel Prize Winner in Literature 1921]

The site offers a beta version app called “quotestuff.” It is a compilation of nearly 2000 quotes, where you are first asked to recall who is being quoted before moving on to see the answer. Similar to a game, but more like a trivia test. Still extraordinary, though.